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I go to great lengths to ensure my pronunciations and explanations are correct – I have contacts in most of Europe, and I will phone up, skype and hunt down individuals and companies to check if I must. You are always welcome to send me a pronunciation request and I will do whatever I can to hunt down the correct pronunciation for you.

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Are you travelling or living in a foreign country?

Many visitors to the site are living in foreign countries or are travelling when they pick up an interesting tidbit about a mispronounced or misunderstood word. If you have found one of these gems, do share them with me along with any relevant background.

Do you know about food, wine and cultural tradition?

Pronunciation is seldom predictable in the UK and France in particular, but Spain, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and so on also have quaint ways of saying words that will not be clear to a non-local. There are also numerous regional dishes and drinks which only someone who lives in that area will know about. My Grandmother went to Southern Italy to ‘meet the family’ decades ago and found herself in the middle of two very angry elderly Italian women going hammer and tongs at each other over the ‘authentic’ way to make Melanzane.

You can help record traditional recipes and words

Many of these only traditions are dying out and hopefully we can faithfully record and perhaps revive enthusiasm for original recipes passed down for centuries. They are far more interesting, nourishing and delicious than the latest fad diets. In the old days, people lived in harmony with the seasons and ate and drank what was grown locally. Regional living produces wonderful cuisine, wines, and most of the dishes use frugal ingredients made delicious by centuries of improvement.

Travelling off-the-beaten track, where you go out of your way to find small villages and eat in tiny restaurants or family homes is also great for uncovering the traditions behind names. If you have a cooking school which hosts foreign tourists over summer, or you are a wine enthusiast who delights in exploring vineyards, do share your discoveries here on How Do You Say That Word. Contributions to science, culture and history are always sought after as are terminologies from various disciplines. Photographs are very welcome and you most certainly will be credited for images used if you like.

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