Pronunciation Of 1855 Bordeaux – Fourth & Fifth Crus

How To Pronounce The Names Of The Wines Of The 1855 Fourth And Fifth Crus

This post follows on from the previous one which was how to pronounce the wines of the First and Second Crus of the Bordeaux 1855 Classification. The links lead to the home-page of each of the Châteaux, where available. The pronunciation of the 1855 Bordeaux Fourth and Fifth Crus follows the same format – the pronunciation of each wine is given in audio as well as phonetic spelling.

The AOC of each wine is given , because you can’t separate these wines from their Appellations, but I give the phonetic spelling only once for each Appellation. For full details on the AOC system of ranking wines, how to pronounce it, as well as a comparison with other European wine naming systems such as the DOCG in Italy, please follow the link). French pronunciation is fairly standard, but in the case of wines, the names often have old or foreign language roots, which means pronunciation can be unconventional. I have contacted most of the Châteaux myself to verify pronunciation – a few could not be reached and don’t appear to have websites, so you do have a reliable reference hre.

Pronunciation Of Bordeaux 1855 Fourth Growths

Quatrième Crus kah:tree:em krew


Château Beychevelle besh:vehl Saint-Julien sa~ zhew:lya~


Château Branaire-Ducru brah:nair dew:krew Saint-Julien


Château Duhart-Milon  dew:ahr mee:loh~ Pauillac poh:yahk (Rothschild) 


Château La Tour-Carnet lah:toor kahr:neh  Haut Médoc oh may:dohk 


Château Lafon-Rochet lah:foh~roh:sheh Saint-Estèphe sa~eh:stef 


Château Marquis-de-Terme mahr:kee d[e] tehrm Margaux mahr:goh 


Château Pouget poo:zheh Margaux


Château Prieuré-Lichine priø:ray lee:sheen Margaux


Château Saint-Pierre sa~ pyehr  Saint-Julien


Château Talbot tahl:boh Saint-Julien

Pronunciation of Bordeaux 1855 Fifth Growths

Cinquième Crus sa~:kyem


Château Batailley bah:tai:yee Pauillac


Château Belgrave bell:grahv Haut Médoc oh may:dohk (managed by Dourthe)


Château Camensac kah:mah~:sahk Haut Médoc


Château Cantemerle kah~t:mehrl Haut Médoc


Château Clerc-Milon klehr mee:loh~ Pauillac (a Baron Philipe de Rothschild wine)


Château Cos-Labory kohs lah:boh:ree Saint-Estèphe (managed byDomaines Audoy)


Château Croizet-Bages krwah:zeh bahzh Pauillac (same management as Rauzan-Gassies)


Château Dauzac doh:zahk Margaux (Labarde has been dropped from the name)


Château Grand-Puy-Ducasse grah~ pwee dew:kahss Pauillac


Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste grah~pwee lah/kohst Pauillac


Château Haut-Bages-Libéral oh bahzh lee:bay:rahl Pauillac


Château Haut-Batailley oh bah:tai:yee Pauillac


Château Lynch-Bages la~sh bahzh Pauillac


Château Lynch-Moussas la~sh moo:sahss Pauillac


Châtea d’Armailhac dahr:mai:yak (previouslyMonton d’Armailhac) Pauillac


Château Pédesclaux pedz:kloh Pauillac


Château Pontet-Canet po~:teh kah:neh Pauillac


Château du Tertre dew tehrtr Margaux

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