Best South African Food

[toc] is not only a pronunciation site. People who want to know how to pronounce food and wine words tend to love food and wine, and I’m no exception. The recent Johannesburg Good Food and Wine show was packed with wonderful things which I tried, and have been eating/sipping/talking about ever since…

Here is a list of my best South African food – all drawn from Good Food and Wine. I’m going to do a monthly update because there are so many things I love, and not enough room in one article to do them all justice.

The rule is: If I haven’t tried it personally, I won’t add it. I’m always open to advertising quality products elsewhere on the site, but you cannot pay me or bribe me to get onto this list!!

Here we go for October 2011

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Indulge Decadent Dining And Boutique Confectionary

What is left to say in the face of perfection? Spectacular confectionary (just look at the photo), a top-notch catering service, and a restaurant and coffee shop that consistently serves nothing but the best!

Everything is so pretty, and so delicious….the only problem is deciding what to choose.

Find them at the Rivonia Village Shopping Centre, next to Woolworths on Rivonia Boulevard.  Website

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Dutch Waffels

If you like sweet things, and I most certainly do, you will love these.

‘Stroopwafels’ originate in Holland, but you don’t have to travel that far to get a taste of them.

They are delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. I made my way through a packet in one sitting, and I’m suffering from withdrawals, so I will have to stock up again. I should have bought more!!!!

Check out the great website for lots of great information, and how to get your teeth into them:

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Wedgewood Handmade Confectionary

If you don’t like Honey Nougat, I give up. I love nougat, and I particularly love Gilly Walters’ nougat because it’s not too sweet and doesn’t skimp on the nuts!

In addition to producing nougats so divine they bring tears to my eyes, this family business participates in community upliftment projects and cares for the community by making their own bio-fuel.

Do take a look at their website for more information:

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Saint Sebastian Bay Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I bought a bottle and have done serious damage to my supply in a very short time – there is not that much left in the bottle.

Saint Sebastian Bay Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Of course it’s fabulous in food too, but you know an olive oil is spectacular when you can eat (not merely taste!) it on its own. They also produce a balsamic vinegar, which I’m dying to get my paws on.

This is their website which carries a list of stockists:  It is truly worth making the extra effort to find it.

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I was going to keep to only home-grown South African products on this list, but Falksalt made me change my mind. These natural sea salt flakes come in several different flavours. I got the Citron (lemon) and Wild Garlic flavours, and I cannot wait to try the others.

They are fabulous sprinkled over almost anything. I have been using them in a couple of recipes I tested, with delicious results. It’s no surprise that they are favourites of many celebrity chefs.

Personally, I prefer them to Maldon salt by far (sorry Jamie Oliver). I know Spar stocks them. This is the website:, and their international site is

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The Tea Merchant

I was blown away by the incredible teas featured by Belinda and Carin of The Tea Merchant at the Jo’burg Good Food and Wine Show, and so was everyone else. They have been voted Product of the Year – and rightly so.

They have an amazing range of teas, every one inspired and delicious, and their range of teapots can make a Grown Girl weep. Take a look at their website

Have you tried any of these products? Have any cuisine you’d like to recommend? Please go ahead and use the comments section. I’d love to hear what you have to say! We’ll keep adding new English words, with ‘how do you say it’ guides.

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