How To Say Must Know Things About Champagne

10 Things You Must Know About Champagne

What do you know about champagne other than its bubbly, expensive and signals glamour and good times, and possibly, for those who do not know their limits, bad behaviour and a hangover…? Doesn’t everyone know what champagne is? The short answer is ‘no’, and the long answer is ‘noo’. I have heard otherwise perfectly well-educated…


How To Say When Gotham Was A Goat Town

When Gotham Was A Goat Town

When Gotham Was A Goat Town – How Do You Say That Word – How Do You Say ‘Gotham’ – How Do You Say ‘Snottingham’. – Gotham Town


Best South African Food

Best South African Food

Best South African Food – Dutch Waffels, The Tea Merchant, Falksalt, is not only a pronunciation site.


How To Say Bollinger Champagne James Bond

Bollinger. The champagne Of Bond. James Bond

at 3.24 Bollinger RD the best! the brand on the list was questionable, Sir, so I took the liberty of choosing something else….2.36 horrible champagne glasses


Coup de grâce

Coup de grâce

How Do You Say Uranus

How Do You Say Uranus?

Say Uranus without embarrassing yourself, the ONLY way to say Uranus, save the world, and pronounce Uranus correctly


How To Say Champagne Names

How To Pronounce Champagne Names

How to pronounce the names of top champagne brands confidently and correctly, and common mistakes to avoid. Did you know, most mistake happen because many Champagne names aren’t French in origin?


How To Say Christian Louboutin

How to pronounce Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a French shoe designer who makes extravagant, extremely expensive shoes which are particularly beloved of starlets and celebrities

Colorful Macarons

How to Pronounce the Best Macarons in Paris

Finding the world’s best macarons is akin to the quest for the Holy Grail. Well-travelled connoisseurs argue for their favorite maison from Paris, to New York, to Doha, to Hong Kong, and beyond. You could almost say that the world’s best macarons develop cult followings, and seasonal offering are eagerly awaited by passionate fans who…


How To Say How To Pronounce Mexican Dishes

How to pronounce The Names Of Mexican Dishes

Hola Muchachos! It’s Cinco de Mayo time. To celebrate Mexican heritage and pride, I’m doing a little round up of Mexican dishes so you can double-check your pronuciation, and make sure you are getting them right. Someone emailed me querying why I don’t have ‘Mexican’ on my site. For those of you who don’t want…


How To Say How To Say Ghi In Italian

How To Say GHI In Italian

Saying ‘-ghi’ in Italian, the easiest way to learn how to pronounce a word in Italian is by using words you already know as your starting point. Saying GHI In Italian


How To Say Italian Pronunciation Made Easy

Italian Pronunciation Made Easy

Is Italian A Difficult Language To Pronounce? – Italian Pronunciation Made Easy – Are There Any Sounds In Italian Which Do Not Exist In English?


What Are Lampascioni


What Are Lampascioni – How Do You Say That Word – Pronunciation Of Lampascioni And Related Words – Preparation Of Lampascioni


How To Say Languages Of The World

Languages Of The World

You might be very surprised to know what the most spoken languages of the world are – and no, English isn’t at the top of the list!


How To Say Mortifying Italian Mispronunciations

Mortifying Italian Mispronunciations

If you’re planning to travel to Italy someday, consider learning how to speak enough Italian to know the difference between an innocent dish on the menu, and something really vulgar.


How To Say Spanish Pronunciation Made Easy

Spanish Pronunciation Made Easy

Hints for complete beginners to someone who is studying the language, so that you can easily learn Spanish pronunciations and how to say Spanish words.


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How To Say Lampascioni

What Are Lampascioni?

What Are Lampascioni – How Do You Say That Word – Pronunciation Of Lampascioni And Related Words – Preparation Of Lampascioni


How To Say What Is Gelato

What Is Gelato?

All about gelato, the difference between gelato and ice-cream, gelato flavours with audio links how to say them, how to ask for gelato in Italian.


How To Say Words Of The Week

Words Of The Week

A List Of The Top Words Of The Week – Words Of The Week – Italian, French, Spanish, English – How Do You Say That Word – Pronunciation Made Easy