Languages Of The World

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Amazing Facts About The World’s Languages

You might be very surprised to know what the most spoken languages of the world are – and no, English isn’t at the top of the list! We’ve got the top 3 most spoken languages and some interesting facts on world languages in our infographic.

Mandarin tops the list, it is the native language of just under 15% of the world’s population. At almost 6% Spanish comes in second and at 5,5% English is third on the list of most spoken languages (as a first language).

Did You Know?

  1. There are more than 7000 languages spoken throughout the world.
  2. There are over 50000 characters in the Chinese alphabet.
  3. There are 2200 languages spoken in Asia alone.

Important English Language Statistics

A whopping 25% of the world has some understanding of English and 35% of the world’s countries are English speaking. This makes some knowledge of English invaluable if you want to make yourself understood.

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