Bollinger. The champagne of Bond. James Bond

at 3.24 Bollinger RD the best! the brand on the list was questionable, Sir, so I took the liberty of choosing something else….2.36 horrible champagne glasses  

Bordeaux Wine Classification of 1855: Whites Second Growths

Château de Myrat d[e] mee/rah Barsac bahr/zahk audio Château Doisy Daëne dwah/zee dah/ehn (Dubourdieu Domaines) Barsac
 audio Château Doisy-Dubroca dwah/zee dew/broh/kah Barsac
 audio Château Doisy-Vedrines dwah/zee ve/dreen Barsac
 audio Château D’Arche dahrsh Sauternes
 audio Château Filhot fee/lyoh Sauternes
 audio Château Broustet broo/steh Barsac
 audio Château Nairac nai/rahk  Barsac
 audio Château Caillou kai/yoo  Barsac audio Château Suau s’ew/oh Barsac
 audio Château de Malle d[e] mahl Sauternes
 audio Château Romer Sauternes audio Château Lamothe lah/moht Sauternes audio Château Lamothe-Guignard lah/moht/ghee/nyahr Sauternes… Details

Comment prononcer le nom des places à Londres?

Comment prononcer le nom des places à Londres ? Cet article est destiné à tous ceux qui planifient d’effectuer un séjour à Londres! Même si vous êtes parlez correctement anglais, il n’est pas rare d’oublier la prononciation particulière de certains lieux atypiques de Londres, et cela est certainement dû au fait que la phonétique et l’orthographe… Details

Where is Chateau Pichon

Coup de grâce

À La Boulangère

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Champs Élysées

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Did Madame want the Poison, or a poisson?

Fish and Fragrance? Not a combination that readily springs to mind. The only aroma associated with fish is decidedly not fragrant, unless you are refined enough to  think about a “Bouillabaisse”or a delicate fish stew spiked with saffron. But just ‘fish’? I don’t think so. By now, I’m sure you are wondering what on earth this has… Details


Do you say coupe or coupé?

A reader recently asked me to settle a bet she had with her husband – do you  call a two door car a coupe, or a coupé? Well, the answer really depends on whether you speak the Queen’s English, or you live on the other side of the Atlantic. In Europe and the UK, a… Details

Word Location

Hints: Pronunciation made easy

Italian Tomato

How do you say Col’cacchio?

How to pronounce Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin is a French shoe designer who makes extravagant, extremely expensive shoes which are particularly beloved of starlets and celebrities


How Do You Say That Word

How to pronounce HOW DO YOU SAY in Spanish, Italian, French and German?

Mexican Dishes

How to pronounce the names of Mexican Dishes

Hola Muchachos! It’s Cinco de Mayo time. To celebrate Mexican heritage and pride, I’m doing a little round up of Mexican dishes so you can double-check your pronuciation, and make sure you are getting them right. Someone emailed me querying why I don’t have ‘Mexican’ on my site. For those of you who don’t want… Details

Make A Cappuccino

Is a ‘cappuccino’ a coffee, a monkey or a monk?

People who associate the word ‘cappuccino’ only with the delicious beverage made with coffee and steamed milk topped with a thick milk foam may be surprised to learn that it is named after the Italian  Catholic Order of Capuchin Monks. ‘Cappuccino’ translated from Italian into English is ‘capuchin’, and comes from the Italian word ‘cappuccio’… Details


Mozzarella does not come from a bull!

Everyone who considers themselves a food lover knows that the very best mozzarella does not come from a cow. No – don’t look at the title of this post, and misunderstand me completely! What I mean is, most mozzarella is made with cow’s milk, but proper mozzarella, the finest mozzarella is made from water buffalo… Details

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Pronunciation of 1855 Bordeaux – Fourth & Fifth Crus

How to pronounce the names of the wines of the 1855 Fourth and Fifth Crus This post follows on from the previous one which was how to pronounce the wines of the First and Second Crus of the Bordeaux 1855 Classification. The links lead to the home-page of each of the Châteaux, where available. The… Details

Pronunciation of Bordeaux 1855 Reds – First, Second & Third Crus

The Definitive Guide to pronouncing beer brands and styles

Beer doesn’t have the same status as wine. An educated wine lover is called an oenophile, but there is no equivalent lofty term for a beer drinker with the same level of enthusiasm and knowledge, which is a pity, because beer is very, very complicated once you go beyond your regular pint. Last week a… Details

Top 10 mispronounced champagne brands

Most top champagne brand names are mispronounced to a greater or lesser degree. In fact, I’m convinced that part of what makes Cristal so popular is that the name is within the grasp of almost anyone. The fact that you have studied French will not always help you – many champagne brand names originate from… Details

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Words of the week

I tend to spend more time answering queries and adding words to the database than dealing with the blog, so forgive my neglect here. I get a tons of queries in my mail, which I appreciate because it’s the best way to make sure the database is useful, but it’s hugely time-consuming, and lest we… Details

World’s most expensive white wine

How much would you pay for a bottle of sweet white wine? Tell you what, I certainly would not pay £75 000.00 (close to $118 000)! But I’m guessing that if you are ridiculously solvent, an Extreme Wine Connoisseur, and love the idea of drinking not only the most exclusive dessert wine in the world, but… Details